MARTA MIGLIORE has 20 years of experience as a Manager, having worked in leading organisations in the digital and corporate Marketing space.

She has worked with the top spenders and contributed to their leadership and increased market share.

Being among the first graduates in Communication Science in Italy, she has started her career as a market research analyst and a direct marketing expert. She then moved into the publishing sector, where she has held senior manager roles at SOLE 24 ORE, SEAT PAGINE GIALLE, MONDADORI and INTHERA, a content data marketing company part of the MONDADORI Group.


Her specialisation is offering innovation, a sort of no man’s land, for which only apparently Marketing and Sales compete for. In reality this is an area which is either neglected or confused with a company’s Product or a specific Client Proposal.

Highly experienced in pre-sales techniques and methodologies, she works with the salesforce and the final customer to transform the way of thinking, acting, communicating and measuring results. In 2017 Marta sets up her own company Koniqa, symbol of a smart entrepreneurial model: competencies and methodologies are shared among a network of professionals capable of working swiftly as a team.