Driverless cars, digitalisation and electrification: these are some of the key trends which will shape the automotive market in the near future.

Cars are turning more and more into four wheels mobile engines connected to the web.

We are talking about a market that has been estimated at a value of 113 billion euro in 2020 and which is attracting sustained investments from manufacturers.

Yet, the road to conquer drivers seems to be quite steep for several Brands: more than half the drivers around the world (and 68% of the drivers in Italy) that have had access to technology and connected services in their cars do not intend to renew these features in the future.

These are the startling findings of a study run by Kantar TNS and published by Connected Car. The study analyses habits and purchasing behaviours of items such as connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electric cars and decrypts the consumers’ perception of the connected car features.

There is a problem of relevance and perception: technology is seen as a somehow useful optional feature and not as an integral part of the vehicle, with the potential to influence the car’s performance, security and driving experience.

What about the car dealers? The study shows that the concerned features are generally not actively used, in some cases drivers are not even aware of these features, as ‘they were not shown to them during the demo prior to the sale’.

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