📊 Influencer boom in Italy

According to the “Italians & Influencers” study conducted by BVA Doxa, Buzzoole, and Mondadori Media, involving 1,300 participants aged between 18 and 54, some surprising results have emerged.

More than 27 million Italians follow influencers or editorial brands, representing over 70% of active social media users. 57% of them follow macro-influencers or brand channels daily, which has seen a 20% increase in the past two years. Italy’s top influencers include Chiara Ferragni (86%), Giallozafferano (72%), Benedetta Rossi (72%), ClioMakeUp (62%), and Aurora Ramazzotti (60%).

🍔🎉 Food and Entertainment Dominate Contrary to traditional media trends, food is the leading topic on social media (58%), followed by entertainment and shows (58%).

🛒 Shopping and Influencers: An Inevitable Connection Influencers have become essential for shopping decisions. 46% of survey participants have made purchases based on influencer recommendations, and 83% value their advice. 50% follow influencers as a source of information, especially wellness enthusiasts (55%) and foodies (56%). Influencers serve as tutors (56%), highlight new products (46%), and guide purchases (37%).

📸 TikTok’s Triumph and the Rise of Virtual Influencers While Instagram remains the favorite social platform (over 75%), TikTok has seen remarkable growth, rising from 9% to 25% in preferences and even 30% in pure entertainment, compared to 9% in 2020. Perhaps most striking is the fact that over 3 million Italians follow at least one virtual influencer, primarily among Millennials and Gen Z, engaging with them daily as if they were real (57%).

In summary, the research unveils a paradigm shift in the online behavior of Italians, with TikTok and virtual influencers taking center stage. The partnership between influencers and consumer decisions is stronger than ever, and social media trends are diverging from traditional media. A business transformation fueled by human-to-human marketing is underway, and anyone wishing to stay relevant must seriously consider the power of both human and virtual influencers. 📲🌟 #InfluencerMarketing #TikTok #VirtualInfluencer